Image FAQs

Can I use photos that were not taken on an iPhone?
Yes, you can. It does not matter where your photo came from. You can use it as long as it is downloaded to your iPhone, and then selected from your Photo Library.

Transferring photos to your phone
The easiest way to transfer photos to your phone is by emailing them to an email address that syncs on your phone.

You can also use our desktop site, Frameable, if your photos are on your computer and you’d prefer to order from there. Frameable offers slightly different options but the pricing is in the same range, and the manufacturing is done by the same great team in Portland, Oregon.

“Photo too Small” message and limited size options
We analyze your digital photo and only show you sizes we know will look good when printed. If your photo is older, it may just be too low resolution to look good, even in a 4″ by 6″ print. But we’ve found that photos taken from any recent iPhone are more than sufficient for most sizes.

How do I crop my image?
You’ll see a cropping option as the last step when customizing your item. Tap the image and zoom it to crop in closer, then click “ok.”